Vincent van Laar

Melchior Schildt,- Sämtliche Orgelwerke, Complete organ works

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11 June 2021

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Melchior Schildt was born in 1592 or 1593, probably in Hannover. After having studied for some years with Andreas Crappius, who was Cantor in Hannover, he left in December of 1609 for Amsterdam to study, probably for a period of three years, with Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck. From this time until the year 1623 there are no biographical data preserved. From 1623 to 1626 he was organist in Wolfenbüttel. From 1626 to 1629 he was in the service of King Christian IV of Denmark, one of the most munificent musical patrons of the 17th century. It appears from a receipt signed by Schildt that he gave music lessons to the King’s children. Whether or not he was Court Organist, and in that capacity played the famous Compenius organ in Frederiksborg
castle, is unknown. In 1629 he returned to Hannover, where he succeeded his father as organist of the Marktkirche. He held this position until his death in 1667.
Melchior Schildt wurde 1592 oder 1593 geboren, wahrscheinlich in Hannover. Nachdem er einige Jahre bei Andreas Crappius, der Kantor in Hannover war, studiert hatte, ging er im Dezember 1609 nach Amsterdam, um dort wahrscheinlich drei Jahre lang bei Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck zu studieren. Von dieser Zeit bis zum Jahr 1623 sind keine biographischen Daten erhalten. Von 1623 bis 1626 war er Organist in Wolfenbüttel. Von 1626 bis 1629 stand er in den Diensten von König Christian IV. von Dänemark, einem der großzügigsten Musikmäzene des 17. Aus einer von Schildt unterzeichneten Quittung geht hervor, dass er den Kindern des Königs Musikunterricht erteilte. Ob er auch Hoforganist war und in dieser Funktion die berühmte Compenius-Orgel in Schloss Frederiksborg Schloss spielte, ist unbekannt. 1629 kehrte er nach Hannover zurück, wo er die Nachfolge seines Vaters als Organist an der Marktkirche antrat. Diese Position hatte er bis zu seinem Tod im Jahr 1667 inne.


Vincent van Laar (organ)

Vincent van Laar, born in 1963, studied organ with Nico van den Hooven at the Utrecht Conservatory and harpsichord with Bob van Asperen at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Both studies were completed with the Performing Musician’s Diploma. In addition he has studied organ with Prof. Harald Vogel. He has been a laureate at various competitions. He performs regularly in The Netherlands and abroad and has made several radio recordings. He is currently continuo player for the Netherlands Barok Orkest.
Vincent van Laar, born in 1963, studied organ with Nico van den Hooven at the Utrecht Conservatory and harpsichord with Bob van Asperen at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Both studies were completed with the Performing Musician’s Diploma. In addition he has studied organ with Prof. Harald Vogel. He has been a laureate at various competitions. He performs regularly in The Netherlands and abroad and has made several radio recordings. He is currently continuo player for the Netherlands Barok Orkest.




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