Enrico Pieranunzi

Autour de Martinu

Format: CD
Label: TCB The Montreux Jazz Label
UPC: 0725095337021
Catnr: TCB 33702
Release date: 14 November 2014
1 CD
TCB The Montreux Jazz Label
Catalogue number
TCB 33702
Release date
14 November 2014

"The result is thought-provoking piano music that is highly enjoyable."

Jazz Inside, 01-5-2017

About the album

Born in Rome in 1949, Enrico Pieranunzi has long been one of the best-known and appreciated personalities on the European jazz scene. Pianist, composer, arranger, he has recorded more than seventy CDs under his own name, ranging from solo piano to trio, and from duet to quintet. He has played in concert and in the studio with Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Marc Johnson, Joey Baron, Paul Motian, Chris Potter and Charlie Haden, performing at all the most important international festivals, from Montreal to Copenhagen, from Berlin to Madrid.

Pieranunzi's formative years embraced both classical and jazz piano, and the influence of Debussy is readily apparent in the lush romanticism at the heart of his music. Emerging in the early '70s, Pieranunzi's lyrical approach quickly brought him to the forefront of the European scene, and in 1984 he formed a trio with Marc Johnson and Joey baron, the first of several outstandig groups with American musicians.

In 1989, 2003 and 2008 he was voted Musician of the Year in the Italian magazine Musica Jazz critic's poll and he was 1997 recipient of the Django d'Or Award for best European Jazz Musician.
Der gebürtige Römer Enrico Pieranunzi ist eine der bekanntesten Persönlichkeiten der europäischen Jazzszene, dessen prägende Einflüsse jedoch nicht nur Jazz, sondern auch Klassik waren: Sein sehr lyrischer Stil brachte ihm schnell die Aufmerksamkeit der Szene ein, und in der üppigen Romantik, die seiner Musik zugrunde liegt, lässt sich oft ein Hauch Debussy erkennen. Umgekehrt adaptierte Bohuslav Martinů bisweilen das ein oder andere Jazz-Idiom in seine Kompositionen, die neben Strawinksis neo-klassischem Stil auch Folkloreelemente in sich trägt - eine spannende musikalische Mischung, der Pieranunzi "um Martinů herum" (atour de Martinů) in Interpretation und Reaktion auf den Grund geht.

Unterstrichen wird diese Hommage durch die live-Atmosphäre der Aufnahme im Rahmen der Martinů Festspiel in Basel 2013, die den vielfältigen musikalischen Aspekten noch das Moment des Unvorhersehbaren, Spannenden und Unmittelbaren hinzufügt.




The result is thought-provoking piano music that is highly enjoyable.
Jazz Inside, 01-5-2017

There are no cracks in Pieranunzi's elegant, lyrical, somtimes winking playing when he mixed classical pieces with colours from the many epochs of the modern jazz piano. The listening is fun as well as absolutely educational.
Jazzthing, 09-2-2015

a contemporary piece of jazz
Stereo, 15-1-2015

a contemporary piece of jazz
Fono Forum, 05-1-2015

Jazz’N’More Schweiz, 15-11-2014

a jazz pianist with international reputation who also has great recognitions in the classical sector. His latest release is right in the intersection of these two worlds, connected through improvisations.
Jazz'n'More Schweiz, 15-11-2014

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