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"Without music, life would be a blank to me." - Jane Austen


The Fondamenta label was founded in 2008 by pianist Frédéric D’Oria Nicolas, who is responsible for all artistic direction. Crafted with devotion and passion in equal measure, Fondamenta CDs stand out from all others.

Fondamenta means, first and foremost, an obsession with fine sound, true sound–the sound revealed by a pianist’s supple hand, the tremble of a bow, the warmth of a voice. It is the sound that is born in silence, but that comes alive and then dies away in a concert hall with exceptional acoustics.

Everything we create has a common goal: to capture the ephemeral and draw the listener into the full emotion of the concert. We meet this challenge because we leave nothing to chance, from the concert hall to the choice of instruments and material, and, of course, the expertise with which we showcase them. Since sound systems and the habits of music lovers differ, we at Fondamenta offer a ground-breaking innovation by providing two different recordings for each CD–at the same price–to maintain the quintessential quality of our products, whatever your needs:

The Fidelity CD is the version of reference for high-fidelity audio systems. The Mobility CD is the version adapted for computers, portable devices and car sound systems.