"Where words leave off, music begins." - Heinrich Heine

Joao Driessen

Currently living in Amsterdam, my more recent work is with the Blazin' Quartet, Benoit Martiny Band, Felix Schlarmann Group and the Amsterdam Jazz Orchestra. you can find more detailed information about these bands by clicking the links or navigating to the Projects section.Joao Driessen has been part of the dutch music scene since 2003. Born in Amsterdam, and growing up in London, Joao has lived the majority of his life in London (England) where he has had the opportunity to develop as a young musician playing the Violin, Piano and later his principal instrument the Saxophone. In London he began as a young violin player when at age 16, not fully satisfied with the violin, Joao found himself drawn to the Saxophone. At the age of 18 he moved to Amsterdam to study Jazz at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. It is during this time that he has gained experience and a reputation as a formidable saxophonist.

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