"Music is ... A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy" - Ludwig van Beethoven

Dominik Hoyer

Dominik Hoyer (1994) is a German drummer, composer and educator. He grew up in Schopfheim near the Swiss border and got early in touch with music through his family. Especially his grandfather had a big influence for him. He had a drum set in his house and enabled Dominiks first steps on the instrument. Dominik took lessons at the local music school and since then he played in many local bands.

His musical journey brought him to Jazz music, so he decided to study jazz. In June 2017 he finished his Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Music at the Jazzcampus Basel, and in August 2019 he completed his Master in Music Pedagogy, also at the Jazzcampus.

He studied with Vic Hardt, Adrian Mears, Julio Baretto, J.J. Flueck and Jeff Ballard. During this time Dominik made his first steps into composing and arranging. He arranged for orchestras, bigbands and started composing for his own band. 

Dominik works as a drum teacher as well as an freelance musician. 

Featured on

Nachtblau - Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 93
Dominik Hoyer Band