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Katie Cruel

Fjoralba Turku – vocals  Geoff Goodman –guitar, banjo, mandocello  „Katie Cruel“ is a traditional song from America dating from the last century. It’s about a mystical woman whose social behavior doesn’t necessarily fit into the mainstream of  society. She is unique and hard to define. „Katie Cruel“ is also a vocal-guitar duo with the Albanian singer Fjoralba Turku and the American guitarist Geoff Goodman. Their music is also unique. The best way to define it, is to call it their own. The duo draws heavily upon both their roots,  which is evident in every note. Their sound  is a mix of genres and musical colors– original and tradition compositions; jazz, folk, blues, and world music as well as classical and free improvisation – Turku’s Balkan vocals juxtaposed with American blues and banjo - Albanian Chanson accompanied by mandocello and violin. Unique and definable only as „Katie Cruel.“   Ten years of playing together, touring and friendship gives the duo a musical trust and understanding which is seldom heard : American and Albanian influences all blend together to give „Katie Cruel“ it’s sound.

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Katie Cruel