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Hans Kennel

Born in Schwyz, Hans Kennel grew up in Schwyz and Zug. He studied classical trumpet at Conservatories Fribourg and Zurich. Here he got his first real contact with modern jazz, which fascinated him. He met, his later to become partner and friend, saxophonist Bruno Spoerri, who encouraged him to try playing jazz. Soon he played and toured with jazz icons like Kenny Clarke, Mal Waldron, Steve Lacey (2 CDs) and George Gruntz. From 1973 to 1976 he had the opportunity to play as a member of the widely noticed “Free-Bob” Group “MAGOG”, which was founded by pianist Klaus Koenig. 1986 he made special experience with “Habarigani” (his personal Chamber Music Forerunner).
More than 30 years ago, on the search for something of his own, he became aware of his musical family roots of folk musicians, which triggered what he calls his musical “Alpensturm”. This can be heard with groups like “Alpine Jazz Herd”, “Alpine Experience” and most of all the revolutionary contemporary Alphorn Orchestra “MYTHA”, introducing alphorn music with unheard of playing techniques and extending the range of this instrument to four octaves.
Now Kennel wants to return to his first love: Trumpet and Jazz. He founded his new, jazzy chamber music quartet “WOOD&BRASS” which features three generations of adventurous musicians. Kennel stands for a long experience, New Zealand born Phil for the solid grounded middle, Silvan and Cégiu are the up-coming new generation of musicians deserving wider attention and recognition.
Fresh sounds, sourced in jazz with a tinge of “alpine echo” of Kennel’s earlier projects, this music brings the listener into a world of contrasts: Silence and contemplation; disruption and storm; tradition and improvisation. These elements evoke emotions in a mystic atmosphere creating illusions and dreams.
Featuring the most unusual instrumentation: two trumpets, a trombone, all doubling on alphorn, and a cello, the ensemble produces a “new sound” enriched by accents set by the unique voice of the cellist. The music partly comes in untempered (natural intonation).

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