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Misha Tsiganov

For his second Criss Cross release, Spring Feelings, pianist Misha Tsiganov presents a program containing five originals and four standards, each bearing Tsiganov's sui generis arranging stamp, tailored to the tonal personalities of his world-class personnel.
Returning from his successful debut, Artistry of the Standard, are trumpeter Alex Sipiagin, tenor saxophonist Seamus Blake and drummer Donald Edwards, with bassist Hans Glawischnig joining the team.
As on the first recording, the musicians surefootedly, virtuosically navigate the blend of mixed meters, shifting tempos, changing keys and reharmonizations with which Tsiganov dresses up his beautiful melodies in order to insure, as he stated in the liner notes of Artistry of the Standard, "that something is happening always, so the listener doesn't fall asleep."

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Misha Tsiganov