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"Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens." - Maria von Trapp

In 2005, Adrian Oetiker (pianist) and the Berliner Philharmoniker Christoph Streuli (violinist) and David Riniker (violoncellist) founded the Feininger Trio. The patron saint of The Trio, Lyonel Feininger is also known as a graphic artist designer, painter and the co-founder of The Bauhaus. Feininger‘s Berlin studio was not far from the rehearsal site of the ensemble in the district of Berlin-Zehlendorf.
The close proximity allowed him to feel closely connected as a personality as well as to his work.
In addition to the stylistic variety, the three musicians embody warmth, expressiveness and sophistication.
They also explore the border areas as part of the basis of their musical interpretations.
From the critics, the Trio is repeatedly highlighted for their wide range of nuances and timbres, but also „for their expressive and gripping game as well as intoxicating presentation“ (Fono Forum).
In addition to various concert podiums in Berlin, Hamburg, Salzburg, Munich and also smaller concert cycles, The Feiningers regularly play at the festivals in Baden Baden and Zurich and played their debut at the „Prague Printemps“ in 2019.
The Feininger Trio has been setting programmatic priorities for several years. Music from Bohemia in the center of their performances are released on CAvi-music in November 2013. In 2016/2017, the Feiningers turned to France with the Trios of Debussy and Ravel (May 2017, also on CAvi-music).
In co-production with Deutschlandfunk Kultur the Feiningers recorded the cycle of Brahms Trios, combined with the trios by Zemlinksy, Korngold and Krenek.
A special treat in German-speaking countries is the collaboration between the three musicians and the actress Katharina Thalbach.

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