"Music: Breath of the statues. Perhaps: Silence of images. Your language where languages end" - Rainer Maria Rilke

Beethoven Trio Bonn

Mikhail Ovrutsky, violin; Grigory Alumyan, cello; Jinsang Lee, piano

The Beethoven Trio Bonn first made themselves a name with compositions by their eponym Beethoven and other Romantic works, before more recently turning their attention to Russian repertoire. Mikhail Ovrutsky (violin) and Grigory Alumyan (cello) are two of the founding members of this ambitious trio, which in 2015 maintained and strengthened its tradition with the addition of pianist Jinsang Lee. All three musicians are foremost in their instruments, have won major international awards, and pursue successful solo careers.
The Beethoven Trio Bonn are one of the most interesting and highly profiled piano trios currently performing. Since their inception in 2005, they have delighted audiences as well as national and international music critics with their “highly expressive passion” (Kulturradio Berlin-Brandenburg) and their “daring, yet convincing performances” (Bonner Rundschau).
The ensemble has recorded four highly praised CDs: Beethoven/Mendelssohn, 4x No. 1 (Arensky, Shostakovich, Kapustin, Rachmaninoff), as well as world première performances of Russian composers Alexander Alyabyev and Georgy Sviridov. All released on the CAvi-Music label, these recordings have caused a sensation on the German and international music scene and have been nominated for several distinctions, including the German Record Critics’ Award.
Guest performances have taken the musicians all around the world – for example, to South Africa, Austria, Spain, Japan, and the US, and to renowned festivals including the Beethovenfest in Bonn. In 2018 and 2019 they performed at the Beethoven Night in Bonn, and on the occasion of the inauguration of the Beethoven Jubilee Year exhibit at the Bundeskunsthalle.

At the International Telekom Beethoven Competition the trio awarded its own sponsored prize, and they gave their début performance at the Grands Interprètes Festival in Geneva. Upcoming appearances will take place all over Europe and in Korea.

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