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"Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances." - Maya Angelou

Hailing from his birth place, Linz, Austria, guitarist and composer Wulfin Lieske made his professional début at the age of 14, in Iona, Scotland in the famous Abbey. Today he is one of the leading international guitarists. His musical interpretation reveals an entirely new insight into traditional guitar music. Lieske’s playing abounds with sensuousness, subtle ornaments and a tremendously wide variety of dynamism and tone colours, combined with the perfect mastery of his instrument.
So far, Lieske has worked with conductors such as Gidon Kremer, Astor Piazzolla, Juan José Mosalini and has accompanied the Hilliard Ensemble.
Wulfin Lieske was the first ever artist to record a CD using an instrument created by the legendary luthier Antonio de Torres. This contributed to the revival of interest in the original Old Spanish guitars (EMI Classics).

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