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Antoinette Lohmann

ANTOINETTE LOHMANN (AMSTERDAM, 1969) studied violin, viola and historical violin at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Antoinette has been active in a variety of musical areas, including Argentinian tango, salon music, folk music and contemporary music. She has performed and recorded with many orchestras and ensembles over the years. Currently her repertoire extends from the early 17th to the 21st century, always performed from a historically informed perspective. She has a special interest in unusual instruments such as the viola d’amore, the tenor violin, the violino piccolo and the viola pomposa. She is also a keen performer of contemporary compositions for historical instruments. Her main focus is on reviving forgotten chamber music, with special emphasis on Dutch repertoire. She has recorded chamber music by Joseph Martin Kraus, Margarethe Danzi, Franz Danzi, Franz Krommer, Belle van Zuylen and Dutch and German music of the early baroque. Antoinette teaches historical violin and viola as a principal study at the HKU Utrecht Conservatorium and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. She is also the principal teacher of the Historical Performance department in Utrecht. Antoinette recorded these works on a late 17th-century violin by Egidius Snoeck (Brussels), which is still in its original baroque set-up, using four pure gut strings.

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